Ultrasonic welding is a process we are able to offer our customers, it is profoundly successful at bonding joints rapidly (in as little as 0.25 seconds), the joint becomes durable and watertight.

From the start of a project: we can factor in joint design details to aid the welding process-saving you time and money. As an alternative to using glue it is faster and of superior quality.

Ultrasonic welding works by using high frequency sound. The parts are placed in a jig. A sonotrode or horn applies pressure and focuses the ultrasound vibrations and delivers them to the parts; causing the parts to rub against each other by less than a millimetre. The friction raises the temperature at the surfaces in contact. This enables the materials to bind together.

Many industries make use of ultrasonic welding such as: electrical, computers, automotive, aerospace and fashion. It lends itself to the medical industry as it does not introduce contaminates or degradation in to the weld. It also allows for strict control over the dimension tolerances, which is critical in medical device manufacturing.

If you think it is a process which would be of benefit to your project please contact Techniplas at info@techniplasltd.com